Tellus Viva not only achieve by its donation
but also by its sustainable investments

Mission Aligned Investment Policy

Foundations are created to generate impact. The impact of support and wealth must be considered as a whole.
The foundation is not only active by the donations it distributes but also by its wealth. We therefore compiled our own guidelines for the portfolio of the foundation so that the investments reflect its mission.

Do not harm
Tellus Viva promotes a best-effort approach to avoid investing in sectors, companies or instruments that are known to directly harm people, society or our planet.

Favor real economic development and essentials services
Capital should be put at work to help finance the real economy and bring concrete solutions to the essential needs of human beings.

Promote standards for great transparency
Tellus Viva stays away from any product or instrument that is either not transparent or too complex to determine how the capital is ultimately being used.

Assets restriction

  • No investments in Hedge Funds, except for SRI-Hedge Funds that are transparent
  • No investments in commodity futures, except for private debt in commodities, certified “clean” gold, and other FairTrade commodity products
  • No investments in structured or derivate products, except for instruments that are simple and fully transparent.


  • Oil, gas and mining
  • Nuclear power
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Weapons (controversial weapons, firearms and military contracting)
  • Tobacco
  • Pornography
  • Adult entertainment – games

While not excluded, chemical industry and luxury sector must pass the ESG best-in-class screening to qualify.

Tellus Viva stipulates a systematic ESG screening for all investments in all asset classes. The overall goal is to go beyond negative selection and strive to invest where the biggest positive impact for the economy, society and the environment can be achieved.

Tellus Viva is willing to use its investment capacity to support social businesses or projects that are providing concrete solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. A smaller proportion of the portfolio is invested in micro finances.

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